What You Need to Know Before Booking

What should I wear?

Zephyros is a luxury cruise experience and you may be as glamorous as you wish, but whatever you feel comfortable in. Zephyros is heated but bear in mind you might need a warm layer in case!

Can I smoke?

No, we don’t allow smoking.  E Cigarettes are fine.

I want something special, and need to be confident about my voyages, can I talk this through?

Yes, do get in touch, we want to give the very best voyage bespoke to you, so we can plan this in detail.

Will we be safe, one of my guests is nervous?

Zephyros is one of the finest yachts for sea keeping and safety, and Miles is a very experienced skipper. We will safety brief you before we depart.

Is there parking at the Marina?


Can I hold a special event on board?

Of course. Zephyros can be used for other voyages like Ashes Scattering, Corporate Meetings, Birthdays, anniversaries, proposals, hen parties - just about anything! Please get in touch.

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